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The City of Forest Hills provides many useful services for its residents. The services are paid for by the funds received from payment of the resident's property taxes and other funds provided by State and Federal Governments. Thoses services are:

Trash & Recycling

Waste Management is the City's collection service.  Twice a week-back door collections - Household garbage Tues. & Fri.  Once a week yard waste - at curbside Tues. except Nov. when it is Tues. and Friday for leaf removal.   Once a week recycling pickup - at curbside Tues.  All pickups are one day later after a holiday. For information on what is new with Waste Management and what they can do for you, go to www.wm.com/index.jsp Missed collection phone number is (502) 966-0117.

Waste Management Current Year Schedule  Recycling Information

Public Safety

The City contracts with the Neighborhood Security and Asset Protection (NSAP) to patrol the neighborhood on a regular basis. The company is run by Lt. Alejandro Cabrera and all members of the organization are uniformed police officers with jurisdiction in Jefferson County, Kentucky. They are committed to enforcing speed limits as well as handle any suspicious activity during the course of their shifts with the City. They can also maintain a "house watch" during those times when a resident may be out of town for a period of time. Simply give the Commissioner of Public Safety or the City Office a call and the NSAP will be notified.

Louisville Metro Police Disaster Preparedness

Reach Alert

This system has been set up to let residents become aware of any activity going on in the City that is of an urgent matter, whether suspicious characters in the neighborhood, illegal solicitors, water line issues, missing or found animals, last minute changes in garbage collection or anything that residents should be alerted to in a quick manner. Sign up for this service is very easy. Go to ReachAlert.com and follow instructions. If you don't have a computer, you can call 502-235-9697 and they can add you to the list. You can receive a phone call, a text, or e-mail. We have had great success with this program.

Snow Removal

The City provides for the salting of intersections and snow removal from streets based on established criteria set by the Mayor and City Board.  The service is provided by private contract to the City.  If you experience a problem during the snow and ice season, please call the Public Works Commissioners.  Also, if there is an accumulation of snow, all vehicles must be out of the street to accommodate snow removal.

Sewer, Drainage and Basement Leak Problems

The City of Forest Hills has no jurisdiction over the drainage and sewer services provided within the City.  Total responsibility for these services and problems are assumed by the Metropolitan Sewer District a number of years ago.  These services are paid for by an addition to your bimonthly Louisville Water Company bill.  The number for Metropolitan Sewer District is 540-6000. If a problem continues to exist, it may be possible for an official of the City to intercede on your behalf, but please try the MSD Trouble Line first.

Street Signs, Lights and Road Maintenance

The City provides for the ongoing resurfacing and repair of the City's streets.  The City is currently on a regular cycle of street resurfacing.  Most city streets last 15-20 years after they have been resurfaced unless they experience an unusual amount of traffic.  Please call the Public Works Commissioner if you happen to spot a problem with a particular street or pothole.  The City is also responsible for traffic signs.  When utilizing traffic and utility poles for "lost dog or cat" signs, we request all such signs be removed within one week and without damage to the sign poles.  Poles must not be used for yard sale, garage sale, etc. signs.  If you notice a light out near your house, please contact the City Office or Public Works Commissioner so that we can notify LG&E.


Building Permits/Exterior Home Improvements:

Before doing any home improvements or erecting fences or any building within the City, please contact the City Engineer, Mark Madison at 327-7073.


Louisville Gas & Electric "Before You Dig (Bud) Line"

In association with building, construction and planting, there is sometimes the need to conduct ground excavation or to do some digging.  There are many utility easements which run through the City.  Please be sure to call LG&E at 266-5123 to check for the location of those utility lines before you dig.



The City Continues to provide reimbursement for trees trimmed or damaged trees removed provided a new tree is planted in it's place! Our City lost many beautiful trees, and many tree canopies were damaged in the ice storm several years ago.The City has budgeted money to provide incentives for City residents to plant new trees and maintain existing trees. The City will provide reimbursement of up to 1/2 of the total cost of the purchase and installation of a new tree (up to a total amount of $250.00 per owner, per calendar year); as long as the tree is one of the species on the LG&E approved tree list (The Right Tree the Right Place) and not larger than 2 inches in diameter; and the City approves the location of the tree on the lot to make sure it is not in the way of any utility. The City will reimburse up to 1/3rd the cost of tree trimming and maintenance, or removal, if the tree is diseased or dead (up to a total amount of $1,000.00 per owner, per calendar year); as long as such work is done by a qualified, insured, tree contractor who is on LG&E's approved contractor list and a new tree is planted to replace the old tree. Residents must commit to the long term maintenance of the planted trees. We hope residents will take advantage of this program by planting trees and help our planet in the process. Many interesting trees are on the approved list from LG&E. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Sharon Henry, 491-7646.

LG&E Approved List of Trees


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